Car Rally Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth Event: 14 September 2018

The Rules

Rule 1: Have Fun

This is the most important rule of the entire event and supersedes all other rules. When in doubt on a ruling – refer to rule 1. Anyone found not having fun at any time will be subject a severe lashing with *insert beverage of choice* and general mockery and slander.

Rule 2: Be Cool

Essentially it’s all about how you roll. Being at one with your vehicle in terms of period style or any other zeff style is not only critical for spirit – but it will be an area of points scoring (and not only with the ladies). Remember, chicks dig moustaches and so do the judges.

Rule 3: Be Silly

Anyone being too serious will be ridiculed, spanked with something and quite possibly chained to a lamppost. This is not F1, it’s far more important and significant so treat it with the respectful banter, pranks and general hooligan shenanigans that it deserves. ​

Rule 4: Respect

Please respect the fact that roads are dangerous and cars cost money. Some okes will spend too much cash on their cars, (very silly yes) but it would be uncool to trash them. For instance, it will be strongly frowned upon if a car was tampered with resulting in the violent death of all its participants – contravention of rule 1. This respect should also be extended to the hotels and bars that are hosting us.

Essential items:

  1. Spare tyre & jack
  2. Tow rope (we provide no recovery vehicles..)
  3. Traffic cone
  4. Clip board & pen
  5. Sense of humour

Accommodation: Participants will be informed of destinations for booking purposes, organisers will try and arrange discounted accommodation on a first come first serve basis, book direct with accommodation,, limited beds available, those who book late could enjoy camping…